What determines the Physiology / Amino Acid of every Gene Key?

The Physiology of each Gene Key provides you with an area of focus for contemplation. It represents both a physical area of the body, as well as the structuring of consciousness, emotions, and energy in your life. As you turn your attention inward, you may notice feelings and memories that surface during these contemplations. In the Gene Keys Approach, you are encouraged to allow these insights to guide you deeper.

The Gene Keys anatomy associations are inspired by the Human Design body graph placements of hexagrams. The placement of these into the body matrix was intuited or ‘given’ to Ra Uru Hu when he received the original transmission. 

The Gene Keys Codon Rings and Amino Acids represent the binary coding of the I Ching and DNA. The Amino Acid contemplation does not mean taking more of that physical supplement, but rather to use it as a focus for your contemplation. 

Please note that Gene Keys Ltd does not provide medical advice. This is an invitation into your own art of contemplation. 

How are the Amino Acids connected to the Gene Keys?

By exploring the unique combinations of the 64 permutations of yin and yang (active and receptive), a correlation can be formed with the way Amino acids are built in a similar pattern within our DNA. A G U C, the common denotations for the base pairs, can be represented by similar patterns of the Bigrams. Look at the two images below to begin your contemplation of these patterns.