Dietary Supplements of Amino Acids based on the Gene Keys

It is not recommended to take direct dietary supplements of amino acids based or the Gene Keys.

The amino acids shown in the Gene Keys book show the relationship between the Hexagram and the DNA structure. Simply taking more of that amino acid is not a direct correlation to the awakening of that Gene Key. For example, sometimes the correlation in our bodies is the opposite – an overreaction to the shadow can cause an inflammation for the body and adding more of that particular chemical could be unhealthy or unhelpful.

The amino acids are the building blocks of our body, and the Gene Keys are ways to access your innate connection to these chemicals within yourself through contemplation & deep presence. You may find them point you to new habits or dietary choices, but inevitably the wisdom of these amino acids are already at work inside you.

The Gene Keys are a contemplative teaching, pointing us towards the natural wisdom encoded in our bodies. What is the archetype of that Gene Key pointing to in your life? As you contemplate it, you may notice physical shifts in your body in parallel to the mental & emotional shifts you make during the contemplative journey.

As always, we need to stress that The Gene Keys does not provide medical advice or prescriptions for individuals in this way. You should always consult a medical professional to learn about potential dietary pathways that could support your body. We are each unique and may need different care at different times in our life.

Instead, think of the Gene Keys as a contemplative tool to communicate with your body and the innate wisdom waiting within. As Richard writes, The 64 Gene Keys allow you to directly communicate with the 64 codons in the DNA of every cell in your body through the law of resonance. Through contemplation, absorption and embodiment of the Gene Keys, you will raise the frequency of vibration in the 64 codons, thus unlocking the secrets of your higher nature.