What is a Sphere, Gene Key or Line?

Understanding your Profile

What is a Sphere?

In each Sphere of your Profile you will see a number between 1 and 64. This number represents your unique Gene Key for that Sphere, which is determined by the date, time and place of your birth. We can awaken the higher components of each of our Gene Keys by contemplating them over time and in sequence.

What is a Gene Key?

Each Gene Key is one of 64 universal attributes of consciousness. The Gene Keys are archetypes of transformation consisting of three words or frequency bands. We can use the Gene Keys to bring about transformation in our life by contemplating and embodying them over time. The three levels of each Gene Key are:

Your Shadow – a challenge to surmount

Your Gift – a creative attribute

Your Siddhi – a transcendent realisation

You will also see a Line Keynote (the small number after the dot) which describes a deeper aspect of how this Gene Key may show up in your life. 

About the 6 Lines

Throughout the Golden Path Programme, you will be exploring the six Lines in greater depth. Knowing the six Lines and their Keynotes is an essential skill to master, as it enables you to interpret the many elements of the Hologenetic Profile in a simple and accessible way. There are many, many layers of Keynotes for each of the six Lines and they are fun to learn and illuminating to apply. The deeper you can feel the resonance of the six Lines inside your being, the easier it is to understand your own sequences and share that resonance with others.

Each Line has its own story, wound pattern and energetic Gift. These six themes stays consistent throughout the entire Golden Path, though their specific Keynotes will change depending on the Sphere they are located in. Great insights often come to us when we combine the themes of our Gene Keys with our Line themes. Below is a basic description of the energy of each Line. As we dive deeper into these teachings, you will discover more about the importance of the Lines in your Profile.

Line 1

  • Inner essence – introspection – investigation – self-empowerment.
  • Frequency moves from ‘afraid of own potential’ to ‘solid inner certainty’.
  • Responds best to full information and heartfelt directness.
  • Wound of Repression – fears must be explored and accepted – go within.

Line 2

  • Expression – projection – ease of being – passion and relationships.
  • Frequency moves from ‘unconsciously provocative’ to ‘expression of pure light’.
  • Responds best to ‘high frequency with no agenda’.
  • Wound of Denial – Look into the mirror of your relationships. Turn anger into passion.

Line 3

  • Adaptation – discovery – trial and error – energy and experience.
  • Frequency moves from ‘unreliable, pessimistic and evasive’ to ‘joyous, humble & wise’.
  • Responds best to ‘absolutely no pressure’.
  • Wound of Shame – confront your commitment issues, learn to laugh at yourself.

Line 4

  • Friendship – connection – magnetic influence – love and community.
  • Frequency moves from ‘hiding behind fixed view’ to ‘honest, open and heartfelt’.
  • Responds best to ‘integrity, honesty, softness and romance’.
  • Wound of Rejection – ‘only you can heal your heart’, ‘be gentle with yourself’.

Line 5

  • Practicality – leadership – organization – power and projection.
  • Frequency moves from ‘self-deluded tyranny’ to ‘leadership through listening’.
  • Responds best to ‘simple and practical solutions’.
  • Wound of Guilt – Be aware of the manipulation of power consciously and unconsciously, ‘forgive everyone including yourself’.

Line 6

  • Visionary – overseeing – role model – education and surrender.
  • Frequency moves from ‘aloof, arrogant & inaccessible’ to ‘wise and embodied futurist’.
  • Responds best to ‘patience’.
  • Wound of Isolation – watch yourself when you disengage, manifest your highest vision here, in your physical body.