I have different Gene Keys or Lines in my Human Design / Astrology

Astrological software is based off a planetary database known as an “Ephemeris”. Different systems have different ways to calculate the location, time zone, and relationship to different planetary bodies. The Gene Keys Profile is based off of the most recently updated Swiss Ephemeris, and calculates by birth city location. While these calculations will be the same across most widely accepted astrology and human design programs, a small percentage of people may discover slight variations when compared to an older version of the profile.

The Attractor Field is a common place for this discrepency, as the moon is the fastest changing cosmic body used in the Hologenetic Profile, though you may also see it in other Spheres of the profile.

First, please be sure to double check your location, date and time of birth compared in both charts. Please note we use 24 hour clock when selecting your birth time.

If you still see a discrepancy of your Gene Key or line between your two profiles, this means the other program is based on a different Ephemeris or calculates location differently. You can read and contemplate the information given for both versions of your profile in the Golden Path Program and the Gene Keys book and trust your intuition to find the best fit for you.

Please note that some Human Design software estimates your location in order to generate a time zone difference, it is not always based on your exact birth city. For your Gene Keys profile specifically, we recommend running your profile on this website and not use third party software. If you prefer to adjust your Genekeys.com profile to match another system, you may need to adjust the birth time and/or location by a few degrees to match other astrological systems.

We do have it on our development list to allow “alternative calculations” as an expanded feature of our Profile Generator. But to avoid confusion for newcomers, we recommend everyone to try the Gene Keys profile as it has been generated on this website and see what insights emerge for you.

Richard Rudd reminds The Gene Keys are neither astrology nor are they a traditional profiling system. Each Gene Key and its line is a touchstone for a process of inner transformation, therefore it is not necessary to be too fixated on the system itself. The power of this work comes from your willingness to own your own Shadow patterns and your ability to envision your life at its highest frequency.

-Richard Rudd

If you are still having difficulty with a discrepancy from your human design chart, please contact support@genekeys.com to request technical assistance.