The Delta Programme

A Luminous Game of Collective Transformation

Welcome to the Delta, an incredible new experiment that challenges human beings to take our next great evolutionary step – into the full flowering of collective consciousness! In this game, players will gather in groups of seven people and dance through the Delta over seven weeks of contemplation.

Programme Updates 2021

We are currently updating the Delta Programme! Please stay tuned for more changes on this page and the Pulse Newsletter.

You may register anytime for access to the Delta teachings. If you already have a group of 7 players, invite your group to each purchase the Delta Programme to begin your journey.

We will be switching to a new format in the coming weeks to support those who do not yet have a Delta group. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Whatever doors the Delta opens for you, you have absolutely nothing to lose by playing – except of course, the fear of your own vastness…

How the Delta Works


Forming a Delta Group

To play the game, you will need to find a group of 7 total participants including yourself. This becomes your Delta Group, and you will journey with the same people for the duration of the 7 week contemplation experience.

Already have a group of 7? Invite your friends to purchase the Delta, and begin your flight!

Looking for a group or a few additional players? Upon purchasing the Delta Programme you also get access to the “Find a Delta Group Forum” to support you in connecting with other players from our global community.


Weekly Sharing Circle

Throughout the Delta Experience, you and your Delta Group will join on together at the same day and time each week in order to tune, share about your experience, and witness the magic of collective contemplation as you dance through the seven musical Gene Keys.

As a group, you will choose how you are meeting each week for this contemplation. There are plenty of free options to meet virtually using live video or audio conference call applications such as Zoom, Skype, etc. You may want to share contact information with one another, or use the online messaging tools provided by to stay connected. Inside the Delta Programme, will find a collection of recommended resources and links to free tools you can use to engage one another.

Communication is a key part of this experience. Forming and committing to your Delta Group is the first step of this luminous game of transformation!

Color Icon Zoom Connect

Private Group Forum & Messaging

You may also request to have a private Delta Group forum on, allowing you to connect with one another throughout the experience. This can be a great way to have a “hub” for your group to share links, stories, artwork, and communicate any scheduling logistics together. You can also use this as a place to store your Weekly Positions chart, to refer to each week. If you would like to form a Private Group Forum, please refer to the instructions inside the Delta Programme after your registration.

All participants will be able to request “Connections” with any other Delta Programme participant. If both parties accept the connection request, you may use private messages. This can also be a great way to find your Delta Group, or stay connected with individuals after your flight ends.

“For me Delta Fellowship was such a generous invitation to a deep two-way flight between my-Self and them-Selves. In the end we are all One Big Family, we are all One Big Heart. I am so honored to be part of this cosmic dance.”

Alexandra Chiru, Romania


“This was a very deep both collective and individual process for me, rich with insights and many, many experiences. It seems like you start to live another life inside your own, when you start it. A secret life for which only you and the other participants know for and share, holding the same vision, supporting each other both physically and emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Developing different levels of connection – with yourself on the individual work, with your partner when you both contribute and support the weekly task from different angles, and with the whole organism – the delta itself. Very enlightening in so many ways and on so many levels”

Zornitsa Simidjiiska, Bulgaria


“The Delta Fellowship has been a beautiful, enriching and very deep experience for me. Moving through this journey in a group with only women, I have reached new depths and heights of my being as well as being held and guided by a truly feminine kind gentle loving and fierce presence. It was a sense of coming home to myself, to my feminine essence while also coming home and belonging in a group/ a fellowship of like-minded souls gathering with a shared intention. Love has come back into my heart, opened my heart wider and wider for fears, wounds, pains to be embraced….and allowing me to dream big, to trust deeper, to fly for the first time, to believe and have faith again and let go of all that is not essential. It has been a powerful take off into a bigger version of me.”

Jasmin Schoch, Germany


“I was pleasantly surprised how the Delta worked in practice and what the benefits were personally for me. It was a magical synchronicity and an opening opportunity for many realizations. This was one of the strongest team experiences for me till now.”

Margarita Tsvetkova, Bulgaria


“A new model of heroism, one which arises from unity and communion with each other, nature and all of existence, is essential for navigating the acceleration of inevitable change and respective challenges we’re facing as a collective organism. The structure, circuitry and flow of the Delta experience is an answer to this call.”

Cyndi Silva, United States


The Delta has been profoundly important to me. It was transformative in a way that I imagined, and it also went way beyond my imagination.  Simultaneously and so synchronistically, the Dream Arc gifted me with an ongoing powerful imbuing of Otter (the 46GK) through an otter family for many weeks, that tied into both the deepest personal internal and also collective work of the Delta in a most magical way. In other words, I highly recommend being open to all the possible gifts from the Higher Realms that might be there for the noticing, while one is participating in the Delta. It definitely was an upgrade in consciousness, in my capacity to love, to be transcended beyond my own individual ego, and experience the beauty and extraordinary nature of collective humanity together. I highly recommend for all GKs travelers, especially all Ambassadors.”

Pam DeLeo, United States

How to Register

Programme Updates 2021

We are currently updating the Delta Programme! Please stay tuned for more changes on this page and the Pulse Newsletter.

In-tact groups of seven players may register immediately using the form below. We will be switching to a new format in the coming weeks to support those who do not yet have a Delta group. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Delta Registration

The Delta Programme (one time fee) – $125

This package includes ongoing access to “The Delta Programme” self-study online course, as well as entry into the “Find a Delta” group forum as an optional way to find other users across the globe (coming June 2021).

Please know that due to the upcoming improvements to the Delta Programme, this price will be changing in July 2021. 

Want to do the Delta but don’t have an in-tact team yet?

We have now opened the “Find a Delta Group Forum” for all Delta Programme participants. Upon purchase of the programme you will have access to all of the teachings to help get you started, including a forum for finding and messaging other Delta participants who are looking for a team. Finding and gathering your team is the first step of the magical journey. If you feel drawn to this game, you are invited purchase the programme and begin your adventure into this field of synchronicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the frequently asked questions for more information. 

Self-Organised Groups can be created by intact groups of 7 players at any time. You may refer to the Self-Organised Groups page to register.

At this point, we do not have any virtual retreats planned. We will update this page and our newsletter for future live events.

It’s a game involving seven players in a seven-step dance that focuses on seven levels of sound vibration linked to seven energy centres of the body. The Delta exists to support the evolution of consciousness and alter the future for individuals, groups and the collective, through alignment to a higher stage in our evolution. It can bring health and prosperity into all levels of life through gentle dissolution of the tensions that keep us bound by fear and isolation.

Here are the steps for a single Delta Flight:

  • Seven players form a Delta team and participate together in a carefully choreographed dance over a seven week period.
  • Each team member’s initial position is allocated through a process of random selection, and use a Weekly Positions chart to help keep track of their positions throughout the entire journey.
  • Each week thereafter players meet to share their personal experience of occupying their position. At the end of the meeting, each player then moves into a new position according to a carefully choreographed pattern. For example:
    • The Player in Position Number 1 during the previous week always moves on to Position Number 2. The Player in Position Number 2 always moves on to Position Number 6.
  • During the life of the Delta, all members will occupy each of the seven positions for one week. Each position combines a particular focus for the week with an accompanying theme for contemplation. For example a Delta member in Position 3 will focus on the domain of the thoughts and creating Peace of Mind. They will view the video transmission on Position 3 and listen to the audio for Gene Key 6 with the theme of its Siddhi of Peace. It is also suggested to read and contemplate the chapter on Gene Key 6 in the Gene Keys book .
  • For six of the seven weeks, members will have a partner who holds a balancing focus to their own position. In the previous example of Position 3, the partner is in Position 5, for which the theme is Selflessness. This is all about giving, in counterpoint to Position 3 of setting personal boundaries in order to cultivate Peace of Mind. The only position without a partner is Position 1. As the ‘head of table’ a member occupying Position 1 invites a combined focus of attention from all other players during their one week in the Delta spotlight, which includes a unique honouring and commitment to clear karma on behalf of Player 1.
  • Members are asked to hold their weekly partner in their daily awareness and connect with them at least once online or in person during the week, typically towards the end. Partners listen deeply and without judgment to each other, as each reflects on and shares their personal experience.
  • A similar pattern of bearing silent witness and deep listening, without comment or judgment, is invited of each one in the team, when they meet together weekly. Thus individual sharing becomes part of a collective experience. Each Delta Group can request their own private forum where they can share their reflections, or use their own preferred communication tools

Seven full weeks are needed to complete all the movements of the Delta dance, this includes an Opening meeting at the very beginning and a meeting at the end of each of the 7 weeks, 8 meetings in total. This is followed by a period of integration, which each participant may do in their own time. Many groups schedule a personal check in several weeks after the end of their Delta to share their integration process and decide if they may wish to play again.

While the Delta grounds through individual awakening, its essence lies in its greater capacity for small group and collective awakening, through deep listening and sharing. We’ve tested the Delta in different cultures, face-to-face and online, and feedback always reveals that group meetings are an essential weave of the Delta fabric.

We strongly encourage you to meet once a week during all seven weeks of your Delta dance, as a full Delta team. You can meet physically if you live near each other, or online if you are not within physical contact range. Based on previous Deltas, we highly recommend an hour and a half for the weekly meeting. This gives comfortable and relaxed time together to check in and address any logistical issues and attune to each other. It gives each member a chance to ‘pick up the talking stick’ and share their personal experience of the week just passed. At the end of the meeting all players ‘move’ from the position they have previously held into the one that they will occupy for the following week.

Commitment is to the Delta as well as to oneself. The Delta is meant to be danced as a part of the flow of everyday life. Yet allowing a disciplined level of attention to the particular focus and study materials provided each week is important, to enable individuals and teams to realise higher levels of awareness, healing and karmic clearing.

It’s important to consider your time and availability for the Delta before signing up. You will be making a commitment to your team as well as to yourself.

After extensive testing, we recommend the following:

  • Find personal time to listen to one Gene Key audio and watch one video per week plus read and contemplate the relevant chapter in the Gene Keys book. Make time each day for personal contemplation about the messages of the key and the ‘dance position’ you’re in for the week. Notice as you go about your activities where the Delta is illuminating patterns and events in your daily life.
  • Meet online with your group for an Opening call right at the start of your Delta journey and then at the end of each of the seven weeks, on an agreed day and time. This means eight meetings of 90 minutes over the course of the seven weeks, plus gentle time to pause and integrate for a week or more after you have all stepped out of the actual Delta dance.

It is important to consider this before signing up as you’ll be making a commitment to the whole team, and it has a noticeable impact on everyone as well as the collective if one person can’t make it for all the team meetings. If you are not ready to make this commitment at present, it would be better to wait till you can free up the time to commit fully. 

  • Connect with your partner at least once during six of the seven weeks. Just as our beta testing has revealed the importance of weekly team meetings, we hear consistently from Delta participants that connecting with their partner (who changes each week) acts as a discipline and a vital support in deepening, what might otherwise be a solitary personal learning experience. Individual contemplation, partner connection and team sharing influence one another holographically.
  • Our test groups have demonstrated the value of a post Delta meeting to review and reflect on the experience.

Like many games, you need to be willing to jump in and immerse yourself in the Delta experience to understand and benefit from it. Readiness to commit to the journey is essential. Understanding the subtle processes and immense power of the Delta will dawn gradually, once you commit to join the dance and begin to experience and embody its frequencies.

We suggest you watch our introductory videos and read the home page and FAQs here. Then, contemplate quietly, listening for your own inner response. If Delta participation resonates with you, your intuition will guide you to a ‘yes’. Trust yourself to know whether this is right for you at present! You may know instantly or need to take your time. There is no rush to decide and sign up. If you miss the first round, there will be other Delta opportunities. If your inner voice says ‘no’ or ‘wait’, trust that too!

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity for any level of familiarity with the Gene Keys. If you are brand new, this program will guide you step by step through contemplating the Delta Teachings and the associated Gene Keys.

The true power and beauty of the Delta is to bring people together from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, with the Gene Keys and otherwise in life.  This is in fact where the harmonising effect of the Delta may be experienced in the most profound ways, not necessarily without some degree of disharmony or friction along the way, the rewards are however equal to the depth of your willingness to fully and unconditionally embrace yourself and others.

“By agreeing for these 7 weeks to effectively pool all our karma together, both positive and negative, we can greatly accelerate our own evolution. The future human is a collective human, a unified diversity in which each individual is celebrated for its uniqueness, while at the same time exploring its higher harmony, when operating in communion with other individuals. This is how our planet is going to be transformed – through mutual selfless support and empowerment, and above all through the limitless power of unconditional love.”  From The Delta Guidebook

Our experience is that the Delta gently yet insistently helps people to know themselves more deeply and to better understand their effect upon others in relationship. Through such self-knowledge, the Delta can usher fulfilment and prosperity into your life. There is a subtle magic in the Delta process which goes far beyond the personal. You will find yourself both supporting and supported by a collective raising of consciousness.

Richard Rudd says of the Delta: “Make no mistake; by playing this game, you are altering your own future! You are aligning yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life.”

Listen to and read the testimonials of those who have participated in the Delta, to gain a flavour of what may be ahead for you.

Is the Delta suitable for me? It is suitable for anyone whose intuition says ‘yes’ to this question and who is also ready to join and become fully committed to a small team and collective process. That said if you’re in a particularly vulnerable or pressured place in your life, it might be wiser to wait till you feel more stable before committing to the Delta.

Yes. It is up to you to organize your group.

In the future, we will have more options to help you find others in the global Gene Keys community to fill empty spots, or join an entirely new team. It can be exciting to trust in the transmission to find you exactly the six people, even perhaps complete strangers in other countries, who will prove in some way to be perfect for your Delta dance. There is now a “Find a Delta Group Forum” to help you contact others who are ready to play.

The Diatonic Table is a beautiful summary and reference document that reminds you of the overall structure underpinning the Delta. It enables you to keep track of a number of related elements concerning each position, as well as revealing how these elements are linked and interrelated.

Each Delta position embodies a particular ray, a musical note and a body chakra. Each position also has a specific Gene Key for guidance and contemplation focused on its higher frequency. The life focus for each Delta position is about how it’s relating to the respective plane of reality. For example, Position 1 is concerned with the physical plane, its musical note is D, it deals with the root chakra and its life focus is purification of the mundane.

The order of movement can be seen in the Diatonic Table. If we begin with the person in position 1 to the left then that person is 1st in order. The person in position 1 moves to position 2, so is 2nd in order, who then moves to position 6. So looking at position 6 on the left, which is where 2 goes, it does correctly say 3rd on the right hand side, which means 3rd position in order of movement within the Delta, and so on…

As for the notes these are as mentioned musical notes. Imagine that each person in each position at any given time in the Delta is a string on a harp being played by a higher consciousness within the Delta, and the musical notes are the corresponding notes being played.

We encourage Delta players to play the game at least three times. While individual and collective karma may be transmuted at any stage and in any round, there is a natural, organic progression in focus from inner to outer. Thus the first Delta tends to be focused on personal healing, the second on the Delta itself and the third on raising frequencies in the wider collective.

If somebody in a team drops out of a Delta the remaining players have a choice. They can either  choose to continue with an ‘empty seat’, in which case the position of the ‘empty seat’ will be supported and energised by the larger collective field and the players in other Delta’s occupying that position each week, or they can choose to begin again with a new player.

If a whole Delta collapses, it may reform with a new set of players, and you can start over without any additional cost. Once you have purchased the Delta Programme, you will have ongoing access to the resources.

This scenario is one of the reasons it’s so very important that you consider carefully if you’re ready to make a full commitment before joining the Delta, as it obviously has an impact on and inconveniences not only the person who drops out, but the whole team.

The commitment each of us makes to the Delta is primarily at an individual soul level. We encourage any couple or ex-couple, who are wondering whether to join the same or different Deltas to contemplate carefully, both separately and together, before making your decision.

Your relationship inevitably becomes part of the dynamic of the Delta team collective field. As such, it may both affect and be affected by internal Delta dynamics. If either of you feels unsure or resistant to opening up to the high frequency level of relationship transparency that is possible from you participating in the same Delta, it may be wiser to join separately.

If you do join as a couple, as a courtesy to your fellow team members, please be open and transparent about your relationship during initial introductions

Yes, indeed! The Delta experience exists in its own right, and with seven associated Gene Keys for contemplation. It will certainly enrich and reinforce any experience with the Golden Path, and it can also serve as a gentle introduction to a deeper Gene Keys contemplative journey. If you feel strongly called to the Delta, trust this, and start from wherever you are.

We have many different mother language speakers in our community. You can checkout the Language Hubs resources to see if there are other people or resources in your preferred language.

All of the Delta Programme teaches are provided within this website. Delta Groups may also request to have a Private Delta Forum created for them to use right here on

If you and your self organised group prefer a different social network or media communication tools, you are welcome to use whatever is best suited for your needs. Please note, our team won’t provide support for third party networks or software.

The cost for the Delta is $125 per player.  We encourage Deltas to continue for at least three rounds, either with the same team or with a new set of players, both options have their own unique power and beauty. After three Delta rounds, players become eligible to join the Delta Fellowship as full members.

Once you have purchased the Delta Programme, you are eligible to play in a Delta as often as you like. If you enjoy this programme and want to contribute, there is an invitation to donate to our Syntropy Hub at the end of the programme.

Yes, you can apply for Gene Keys Scholarships here. The Scholarship Team will be hard at work to process your application quickly and efficiently. However, not all scholarship applications can be accepted at one time. If you are not offered a scholarship during this registration period, please try again for future rounds of the Delta.


If you feel called to contribute towards the Scholarship Fund and “pay it forward” you can offer your financial contribution for someone else through the Contribute product here –

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