Do I need to understand Human Design to participate in the Delta?

No, Human Design information is NOT at all necessary to experience the depth and profound nature of the Gene Keys or the Delta. There is brilliance in the Human Design perspective, and it is a tool that some will find deeply beneficial and resonant with their own Delta experience. However, it is recommended to stay focused primarily on the information provided in the Delta Programme describing the Delta Position and its related Gene Key.

The Delta already has a lot of deep contemplation materials to unpack. And for some, adding Human Design or other systems into the mix can feel confusing, distracting, or overly “heady”. The Delta is an experiment of the collective field, so it is important to listen humbly to your fellow players, and share honestly and authentically about your own experience. If you feel distanced from your group because you don’t “know the lingo”, consider sharing this vulnerability with your group.

Wherever possible, it is recommended to bring the contemplation back into your own embodied experience based on the position you are currently in the Delta.