How long is the Delta? How much time is required?

Seven full weeks are needed to complete all the movements of the Delta dance, this includes an Opening meeting at the very beginning and a meeting at the end of each of the 7 weeks, 8 meetings in total. This is followed by a period of integration, which each participant may do in their own time. Many groups schedule a personal check in several weeks after the end of their Delta to share their integration process and decide if they may wish to play again.

While the Delta grounds through individual awakening, its essence lies in its greater capacity for small group and collective awakening, through deep listening and sharing. We’ve tested the Delta in different cultures, face-to-face and online, and feedback always reveals that group meetings are an essential weave of the Delta fabric.

We strongly encourage you to meet once a week during all seven weeks of your Delta dance, as a full Delta team. You can meet physically if you live near each other, or online if you are not within physical contact range. Based on previous Deltas, we highly recommend an hour and a half for the weekly meeting. This gives comfortable and relaxed time together to check in and address any logistical issues and attune to each other. It gives each member a chance to ‘pick up the talking stick’ and share their personal experience of the week just passed. At the end of the meeting all players ‘move’ from the position they have previously held into the one that they will occupy for the following week.

Commitment is to the Delta as well as to oneself. The Delta is meant to be danced as a part of the flow of everyday life. Yet allowing a disciplined level of attention to the particular focus and study materials provided each week is important, to enable individuals and teams to realise higher levels of awareness, healing and karmic clearing.

It’s important to consider your time and availability for the Delta before signing up. You will be making a commitment to your team as well as to yourself.

After extensive testing, we recommend the following:

  • Find personal time to listen to one Gene Key audio and watch one video per week plus read and contemplate the relevant chapter in the Gene Keys book. Make time each day for personal contemplation about the messages of the key and the ‘dance position’ you’re in for the week. Notice as you go about your activities where the Delta is illuminating patterns and events in your daily life.
  • Meet online with your group for an Opening call right at the start of your Delta journey and then at the end of each of the seven weeks, on an agreed day and time. This means eight meetings of 90 minutes over the course of the seven weeks, plus gentle time to pause and integrate for a week or more after you have all stepped out of the actual Delta dance.

It is important to consider this before signing up as you’ll be making a commitment to the whole team, and it has a noticeable impact on everyone as well as the collective if one person can’t make it for all the team meetings. If you are not ready to make this commitment at present, it would be better to wait till you can free up the time to commit fully. 

  • Connect with your partner at least once during six of the seven weeks. Just as our beta testing has revealed the importance of weekly team meetings, we hear consistently from Delta participants that connecting with their partner (who changes each week) acts as a discipline and a vital support in deepening, what might otherwise be a solitary personal learning experience. Individual contemplation, partner connection and team sharing influence one another holographically.
  • Our test groups have demonstrated the value of a post Delta meeting to review and reflect on the experience.