What is the Diatonic Table? What are the Delta Positions?

The Diatonic Table is a beautiful summary and reference document that reminds you of the overall structure underpinning the Delta. It enables you to keep track of a number of related elements concerning each position, as well as revealing how these elements are linked and interrelated.

Each Delta position embodies a particular ray, a musical note and a body chakra. Each position also has a specific Gene Key for guidance and contemplation focused on its higher frequency. The life focus for each Delta position is about how it’s relating to the respective plane of reality. For example, Position 1 is concerned with the physical plane, its musical note is D, it deals with the root chakra and its life focus is purification of the mundane.

As for the notes these are as mentioned musical notes. Imagine that each person in each position at any given time in the Delta is a string on a harp being played by a higher consciousness within the Delta, and the musical notes are the corresponding notes being played.

You will learn more about the diatonic table inside the online course.