I am new to the Gene Keys, can I still join?

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity for any level of familiarity with the Gene Keys. If you are brand new, this program will guide you step by step through contemplating the Delta Teachings and the associated Gene Keys.

The true power and beauty of the Delta is to bring people together from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, with the Gene Keys and otherwise in life.  This is in fact where the harmonising effect of the Delta may be experienced in the most profound ways, not necessarily without some degree of disharmony or friction along the way, the rewards are however equal to the depth of your willingness to fully and unconditionally embrace yourself and others.

By agreeing for these 7 weeks to effectively pool all our karma together, both positive and negative, we can greatly accelerate our own evolution. The future human is a collective human, a unified diversity in which each individual is celebrated for its uniqueness, while at the same time exploring its higher harmony, when operating in communion with other individuals. This is how our planet is going to be transformed – through mutual selfless support and empowerment, and above all through the limitless power of unconditional love.

~From The Delta Guidebook