Can I sample the Delta before I sign up?

Like many games, you need to be willing to jump in and immerse yourself in the Delta experience to understand and benefit from it. Readiness to commit to the journey is essential. Understanding the subtle processes and immense power of the Delta will dawn gradually, once you commit to join the dance and begin to experience and embody its frequencies.

We do offer the introductory step for free, so that you can see how the online course works, and allow you to see the Course Overview video to learn more about the Delta Experience. You can also review other frequently asked questions here, to learn more.

Then, contemplate quietly, listening for your own inner response. If Delta participation resonates with you, your intuition will guide you to a ‘yes’. Trust yourself to know whether this is right for you at present! You may know instantly or need to take your time. There is no rush to decide and sign up. The Delta is open on an ongoing basis, so there will always be other Delta opportunities. If your inner voice says ‘no’ or ‘wait’, trust that too!