How can the Delta help me?

Our experience is that the Delta gently yet insistently helps people to know themselves more deeply and to better understand their effect upon others in relationship. Through such self-knowledge, the Delta can usher fulfilment and prosperity into your life. There is a subtle magic in the Delta process which goes far beyond the personal. You will find yourself both supporting and supported by a collective raising of consciousness.

Richard Rudd says of the Delta: “Make no mistake; by playing this game, you are altering your own future! You are aligning yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life.”

Listen to and read the testimonials of those who have participated in the Delta, to gain a flavour of what may be ahead for you.

Is the Delta suitable for me? It is suitable for anyone whose intuition says ‘yes’ to this question and who is also ready to join and become fully committed to a small team engaging in a collective process. That said if you’re in a particularly vulnerable or pressured place in your life, it might be wiser to wait till you feel more stable before committing to the Delta.