What if someone doesn’t show up to our Delta Call?

If someone doesn’t engage or doesn’t show up for the weekly Sharing Circle Calls or partner calls, it will have an impact on everyone, and it can be necessary for the rest of the team players to remind this person of their commitment. If this does not make any difference the rest of the team has a choice, you can either continue with a more passive member or you can ask the person to step out of the Delta.

Sometimes people experience unforeseen life events and changes at the beginning or during a Delta, like illness, job changes, sudden opportunities, moves and even the death of a loved one. In this case it is important to communicate clearly and honestly with the rest of your team, which can feel both vulnerable and stressful, if you do this however, it may turn into a deeply nurturing and healing experience for the whole team. We highly encourage everyone to be fully understanding and supportive, so that you can all continue together whilst adjusting to whatever is needed to do so. This too is part of everyone’s Delta journey.

In either case remember that one persons personal experiences are also part of the whole Delta’s collective experience, and everything that happens in your Delta is in some way related to you. There are no coincidences, just synchronicities.