Choosing my Delta Team

It is up to you to organize your group. You may choose people you know, who sign up to the programme with you. Or you may connect with others in the community to form a random group.

One of your first initiations in this game is to find your magical team of 7 players! We invite you to hold a gentle vision of the right team coming together at the exact right time. Since the Delta was launched, we have seen many Delta teams coming together with magical synchronicity.

When you purchase the Delta Programme, you will gain access to the “Find a Delta Group Forum”. Here you can connect with others who are also looking for team players. 

It can be exciting to trust in the transmission to find you exactly the six people, even perhaps complete strangers in other countries, who will prove in some way to be perfect for your Delta dance.

In the future we may hold other Virtual Retreats for the Delta to randomly assign you into a team. At this time, this option is not available. Stay tuned to our mailing list for any announcements of upcoming Virtual Retreats.