What is the Delta and how does it work?

It’s a game involving seven players in a seven-step dance that focuses on seven levels of sound vibration linked to seven energy centres of the body. The Delta exists to support the evolution of consciousness and alter the future for individuals, groups and the collective, through alignment to a higher stage in our evolution. It can bring health and prosperity into all levels of life through gentle dissolution of the tensions that keep us bound by fear and isolation.

This game, seven players form a Delta team and participate together in a carefully choreographed dance over a seven week period. The first step of the Delta Programme is free, click to watch the introductory videos on “What is the Delta?” and “How does it work?”.

Game Overview

  • Find your Team of 7​ players
  • Choose a weekly meeting time
  • Generate a Weekly Positions chart
  • Contemplate your weekly position resources and share your with your team each week, at your chosen time.
  • At the end of your sharing circle, you will follow the Dance of the Delta instructions and move to the next position.

Additional Details

  • Each team member’s initial position is allocated through a process of random selection, and use a Weekly Positions chart to help keep track of their positions throughout the entire journey.
  • Each week thereafter players meet to share their personal experience of occupying their position. At the end of the meeting, each player then moves into a new position according to a carefully choreographed pattern. For example:
    • The Player in Position Number 1 during the previous week always moves on to Position Number 2. The Player in Position Number 2 always moves on to Position Number 6.
  • During the life of the Delta, all members will occupy each of the seven positions for one week. Each position combines a particular focus for the week with an accompanying theme for contemplation. For example a Delta member in Position 3 will focus on the domain of the thoughts and creating Peace of Mind. They will view the video transmission on Position 3 and listen to the audio for Gene Key 6 with the theme of its Siddhi of Peace. It is also suggested to read and contemplate the chapter on Gene Key 6 in the Gene Keys book .
  • For six of the seven weeks, members will have a partner who holds a balancing focus to their own position. In the previous example of Position 3, the partner is in Position 5, for which the theme is Selflessness. This is all about giving, in counterpoint to Position 3 of setting personal boundaries in order to cultivate Peace of Mind. The only position without a partner is Position 1. As the ‘head of table’ a member occupying Position 1 invites a combined focus of attention from all other players during their one week in the Delta spotlight, which includes a unique honouring and commitment to clear karma on behalf of Player 1.
  • Members are asked to hold their weekly partner in their daily awareness and connect with them at least once online or in person during the week, typically towards the end. Partners listen deeply and without judgment to each other, as each reflects on and shares their personal experience.
  • A similar pattern of bearing silent witness and deep listening, without comment or judgment, is invited of each one in the team, when they meet together weekly. Thus individual sharing becomes part of a collective experience. Each Delta Group can request their own private forum where they can share their reflections, or use their own preferred communication tools

Included Course Resources

  • Step by step instructions for how the Delta journey works
  • Contemplation resources for each position including video and text explaining the positions attributes, as well as the 64 Ways audio file and Siddha Palm Mudra video for the associated Gene Key
  • Additional guidance for ways to connect with your group and navigating challenges that may arise
  • Optional private forum created for you, once you have established your Delta Group
  • Access to the “Find a Delta” group forum and tips for finding your group of 7 players