How do I connect & private message others?

Request to Connect

  • From your Village Group click the “Members” tab
  • Click the “Buddy Icon” to send a connection request
  • The other user must accept the connection request before you can send private messages
  • By default email preferences are set so each user receives an email when they receive a new connection request

Accepting Connection Requests

  • You will see new connection requests in your “Notifications” – click the bell icon in the top right
  • You can also see all connection requests by going to “My Connections” from the profile dropdown menu
  • Or you can accept directly from your email notification by clicking the link provided
  • Click “Accept” and now you will be able to share in Private Messages

Sending Private Messages & Group Chats

  • You can view, respond, and compose new messages from “My Messages” under your profile dropdown menu
  • New messages will also show up in your “Notifications” under the Bell Icon
  • Once two users are connected, they can share private messages by clicking the “message” icon from the Members tab in your village group
  • OR you can click “compose new message” icon and type the name of your connection to begin a new message
    • You can also type in multiple names to initiate a group chat
    • All users must be connected together to send and receive group messages

How to delete Private Messages

  • Navigate to “My Messages” from your profile dropdown menu
  • Click the three thread you want to delete your messages from
  • Click the “three little dots” menu to open up more options
  • Select Delete Messages – this cannot be undone
  • Your messages will be removed, but the other person will still have record of their replies unless they also delete them from their own account