Our Global Member Directory

One of the biggest requests we get from our community is a way to find and connect with others around the world. Through our online retreats and the synchronicities of the Gene Keys teachings, life long friendships and partnerships have thrived within this contemplative community.

We have now opened a Global Members Directory for anyone with a genekeys.com account.

This global Members Directory is a way for anyone on genekeys.com, regardless of which courses or retreats they have purchased, to find one another and connect. You can use this to find and connect to new and old friends through the lens of the Gene Keys.

Visit the Global Members Directory – https://genekeys.com/members/

Want to appear in the global Members Directory? Go to ‘Edit Profile –> Member Directory Visibility‘ and select “Community Member” as your profile type.

  • This member directory is only accessible for logged in users of genekeys.com.
  • By default, all accounts are set to “Private Users”, and will only appear in specific private groups they have joined.
  • You must voluntarily consent to being visible in the directory by changing your Visibility option to “Community Member”
  • You can change this option at anytime
  • Even if you are visible in the directory, you can still choose to hide your actual member profile page from different types of users. For example, you can appear in the directory so that people can Request to Connect with you, but restrict access to your page to My Connections only. This way you can be accessible to new people, but don’t have to show your profile details to anyone except those you “Accept” the connection request

We are looking to implement a map / location function, but this is still in development.