Gene Keys on Clubhouse

Richard and the Gene Keys team have opened up a “Club” on the new social network “Clubhouse”. Please know that this is a new experiment, and we are still learning more about this platform and what events may continue in the future. At this time, this app is only available on iPhones, and is by invite only. We apologize for anyone who is unable to join at this time. We are unable to offer invites, or any technical support for Clubhouse app.

Please know that we will continue to offer events on other more accessible platforms. All official retreat information will still be via Zoom and, not exclusive to any social network. And any public webinars will be streamed via Youtube so that the widest audience can attend. That being said, Clubhouse is a fun and different kind of experimental platform, so we wanted to let those who are able to be on Clubhouse know about the official GK club represented there.

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