I’m nervous / resistant about Community Calls

Watch this helpful video from Tanmayo: https://genekeys.com/replay/about-community-calls/

This is a perfectly natural response to community calls, and we know this feeling in our own experience too! The Community Calls can be scary for some who are not used to sharing vulnerably with others, especially people they have just met. Others may feel it isn’t important, or even distracting, from their own inner experience. This is your hero’s journey, so we encourage you to find your own truth. However, you may find it very beneficial to stretch your own comfort zone and attend one or two of the calls to “try it out.”

Remember, you don’t have to share if you don’t feel called to share. Even just listening in presence of others can be a very inspiring thing

We have crafted the Retreat Agreements to provide a container for sharing, modeling the Gene Keys approach of contemplation, inquiry, gentleness, and patience. These simple guidelines help create a space to share, even for those who have previously felt unsafe, judged, or excluded for their feelings. By using “I” statements, practicing compassion, and refraining from giving unsolicited advice, these sharing circles demonstrate the power of being witnessed throughout one’s own transformational journey. It is a practice of deep listening and care, for one’s self and each other.

These calls are hosted by the Gene Keys Guides & Ambassadors. Each call will begin and end with the host team. During breakout room sessions, there is a “Ask for Help” button that will connect you with one of our Hosts.

We hope that you will come and experience the community calls for yourself.