Change Email Preferences for Connection Requests, Messages, Forums, etc

Change My Account Email

Profile Menu –> My Account Settings –> Login Information

Direct Link:

Change what Email Notifications I am receiving

These email preferences are for your Community Features only. For event notifications and the Gene Keys Pulse newsletter, please check here.

Profile Menu –> My Account Settings –> Email Preferences

Direct Link:

Unsubscribe Emails from a particular Forum or Thread

Direct Link to your Forum Subscriptions:

  • From your member page select “Forums” tab
  • Then select “Subscriptions” sub-tab
  • You will see a list of any forums or threads you have subscribed to
  • Click the title of the thread and select the option “Unsubscribe”

Looking for Event Notifications or Pulse Newsletter?

These email preferences are handled through a different system. You can manage your subscribed mailing list groups from the bottom of any email.

Click here to view your email subscription options

If you have accidentally unsubscribed, or would like to be added to a specific list, please click here to resubscribe.