Change Email Preferences for Connection Requests, Messages, Forums, etc

Change My Account Email

Profile Menu –> My Account Settings –> Login Information

Direct Link:

Change what Email Notifications I am receiving

These email preferences are for your Community Features only. For event notifications and the Gene Keys Pulse newsletter, please check here.

Profile Menu –> My Account Settings –> Email Preferences

Direct Link:

Unsubscribe Emails from a particular Forum or Thread

Direct Link to your Forum Subscriptions:

  • From your member page select “Forums” tab
  • Then select “Subscriptions” sub-tab
  • You will see a list of any forums or threads you have subscribed to
  • Click the title of the thread and select the option “Unsubscribe”

Looking for Event Notifications or Pulse Newsletter?

These email preferences are handled through a different system. You can manage your subscribed mailing list groups from the bottom of any email. If you have accidentally unsubscribed, or would like to be added to a specific list, please contact