How to connect with others in the Venus Retreat?

Retreat Forum

During week 3 of the retreat, you will be introduced to your “Retreat Forum”-  a private forum where you can share in communal contemplation with others on the journey with you. We will introduce these new features over the course of the first month, including how to use discussion forums and private messages to engage with others in the virtual retreat.

Retreat Member Directory

By accessing the Venus Retreat Forum, you will also see a Member Directory of all retreat participants. You may send a “connection request” to any one else in the retreat. Please keep in mind, the other user must accept your request before you will be able to send Private Messages to one another. If you prefer not to connect with others in the retreat, simply turn off your email notifications for Connection Requests in your Account Settings.

Live Community Calls

Each month, you will also have the opportunity to join live Community Calls via Zoom breakout rooms. This is a powerful way to meet others in the retreat, and share your insights and breakthroughs in online video calls. Check out the Live Events Calendar for a full schedule of community calls during the retreat.

You can also explore weekly Open Calls, held by Gene Keys Ambassadors. Please note that these calls are open to the public, and include people who are brand new to the Gene Keys.

Venus Friends Cafe – Live Chat Room

For this retreat we are introducing a brand new way to connect with others using a live chat room. The chat room has a maximum occupancy of 50 members at one time. We are still experimenting with this new system, so we appreciate your patience as we develop this feature further. Please note – not all chat room features are available for all devices. Click here for additional information and troubleshooting.