A Game of Collective Transformation

The Delta is a powerful new experience that challenges us to take the next great evolutionary step – into the flowering of collective consciousness.

In this life-changing game, players gather in groups of 7, exploring 7 themes over 7 weeks in a syncopated rhythm, creating a very real experience of higher harmony that touches all areas of your life.

The Delta reminds us of so many life essentials: Self Acceptance, Empathy, Contemplation, Group Coherence and perhaps above all, unconditional Love and a deep Trust in the Whole.

Programme Features

Included in this course:

  • Full Instructions for how the Delta journey works

  • Contemplation resources and guidance for each of your seven weeks

  • Access to the “Find a Delta” group forum

  • Additional guidance for ways to connect with your group and how to navigate any challenges that may arise

  • Optional private forum created for you once you have established your Delta Group

This was a very deep process for me, both collectively and individually. I had so many insights and magical experiences. It seems like you start to live another higher life inside your own...

Programme Features

  • Video Transmissions on each of the 8 positions

  • 8 Gene Keys Audios for each position

  • 8 Mudra videos for each position

  • Audio attunements for your sharing circles

  • Weekly Positions Chart generator

  • Notes functions to track your course progress in our newly updated learning system

How does the Delta work?

Game Overview

  • Find your Team of 7​

  • Choose a weekly meeting time

  • Generate a Weekly Positions chart

  • Contemplate your weekly position resources

  • Share your breakthroughs with your team

  • Experience the magic of the Delta

Your ability to communicate clearly and openly is a key part of the Delta experience. Form your Group, commit to the process fully and you will experience one of the deepest transformations of your life.

Need Help Finding a Group?

One of your first initiations in this game is to find your magical team of 7 players. We invite you to hold a gentle vision of the right team coming together at the exact right time. Since the Delta was launched, we have seen many Delta teams coming together with magical synchronicity.

When you purchase the Delta Programme, you will gain access to the “Find a Delta Group Forum”. Here you can connect with others players also looking for their Group of 7.

A Luminous Game of Collective Transformation

Ready to play?

Buy the Delta, learn the rules, and play as many times as you like!

The Delta Programme - $150 (Price is in USD and includes all taxes where applicable)

I was pleasantly surprised how the Delta worked in practice and what the benefits were personally for me. It was a magical synchronicity and an opening opportunity for many realizations. This was one of the strongest team experiences for me till now
The Delta Fellowship has been a beautiful, enriching and very deep experience for me. It was a sense of coming home to myself. Love has come back into my heart allowing me to dream big, to trust deeper, to fly for the first time, to believe and have faith again and let go of all that is not essential. It has been a powerful take off into a bigger version of me.
For me Delta Fellowship was such a generous invitation to a deep two-way flight between my-Self and them-Selves. In the end we are all One Big Family, we are all One Big Heart. I am so honored to be part of this cosmic dance.
A new model of heroism, one which arises from unity and communion with each other, nature and all of existence, is essential for navigating the acceleration of inevitable change and respective challenges we’re facing as a collective organism. The structure, circuitry and flow of the Delta experience is an answer to this call.
The Delta has been profoundly important to me. It definitely was an upgrade in consciousness, in my capacity to love, to be transcended beyond my own individual ego, and experience the beauty and extraordinary nature of collective humanity together. I highly recommend for all GKs travelers, especially all Ambassadors.


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