I’m Lost / Overwhelmed / Confused!

Sounds like it’s time for a nice deep breath! This journey can sometimes be challenging, even daunting. However, the Gene Keys Virtual Retreats are designed to move with you into your everyday life. You do not need to engage with all of the material or live events. Many resources will continue to be available for you to return to and review in your own time. You don’t have to “Get it all”. The Gene Keys are a teaching of gentleness. They are designed to awaken from within you as you relax and trust.

Sometimes insights may take weeks and months to truly germinate inside you. Trust in the process, and continue to bring your awareness to each challenge as they arise. How are you responding to this challenge / sensation / experience? This simple practice of inquiry can provide deep and profound revelations. The Gene Keys Approach reminds you to be patient with your own experience.

If you feel lost on a technical level, take some time to review the FAQs or reach out to our helpful support team <support@genekeys.com>. You can also ask your questions to the Deep Dive Hosts in your virtual retreat group forum. They will help you find the resources you are looking for. The search may indeed be an adventure, so take your time in reviewing the materials available.

You may find it helpful to stay with the rhythm of the program, even if you don’t feel “complete” in a certain section of the Teachings. You can never really be “done” with this journey, it is a lifelong path of evolutionary unfolding. One suggestion is to try to keep up with the current contemplations when possible. You will be emailed helpful reminders each week to bring your attention to a specific theme. Even if only for 5 minutes a day – simple acts of presence can lead to profound transformation.

  • Check your Virtual Retreat home page for a simple list of current contemplation resources for each month
  • Listen to the audio for your Gene Key, and bring that awareness into your life
  • Track your progress in the Golden Path teachings, and return to a specific topic later if you feel overwhelmed
  • Remember the four pillars of the Gene Keys Approach – Contemplation, Inquiry, Gentleness, and Patience