Are there required books or additional purchases needed for this course?

No additional books are required for our programmes. The online course includes all of the written materials from the programme in a digital form inside the step by step chapters of the course. When learning about your Hologenetic Profile, you will see the Golden Path includes the audio files of your specific Gene Keys, which are enough to get you started on your contemplative journey.

That being said, to get the most out of each programme, we do have several recommended books offered to support you along the journey.

The Gene Keys Book is the beating heart of the Gene Keys Synthesis, and provides an in-depth analysis of all 64 Gene Keys you will encounter inside our online courses. The Gene Keys book is available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle. This book provides the foundational teachings for each Gene Key archetype and is highly recommended. If you are unable to access the Gene Keys Book, you may rest assured that the Audio Contemplations by Richard Rudd included with your online course will guide you well.

The Art of Contemplation book is also optional but recommended. This little book has provided many students with a more practical guide into the primary technique of the Gene Keys – Contemplation. Although this is not required, it is a helpful companion to anyone beginning to understand the Gene Keys.

Many programmes also have a Companion Book which includes the writings from that course into a printed book. For example “Genius – a Guide to your Activation Sequence” is the published version of the text already included in the Activation Sequence online course. The printed versions are available for additional purchase, but it not required, as all of these materials are included directly in your online course. This option is primarily for those students who prefer to read from a physical book, as opposed to reading online.