Live Events – Zoom Troubleshooting

Using Zoom for Live Events

The Live Events of our virtual retreats are hosted on Zoom Video Conferencing platform. You can get a free zoom account and download the latest version for Mac, PC, or Mobile here –

To Access Live Events, simply click the provided Zoom Access Links provided on your retreat home page or in your email notifications. If you are having difficulty with the provided link, you can copy paste the URL into a different web browser. There is also a meeting ID and password provided, in case you need to manually join the meeting directly from your Zoom app.

For Webinars and Q&A Sessions, you will be able to share with fellow participants in the Chat Room, or post your questions in the Q&A section. Not all questions will be answered live, however, our Support Team will collect questions and provide helpful links in the chat where appropriate.

For Community Calls, your hosts will explain how to use the controls and review the Values and Agreements for sharing inside the Zoom platform. You do not have to appear on video to enjoy these calls, though it is encouraged to show your video when possible.

For more information on how to use zoom you may review their documentation, including how-to videos for navigating the Zoom interface –

If you are experiencing trouble with audio / video – it is advised to first try to adjust your audio or video settings inside the Zoom Platform. When in doubt, it can be helpful to log off and log back in, or reboot your entire computer. For other troubleshooting tips please visit

It is important to always update to the latest version of Zoom platform

Calling in via Telephone

When available, we will provide additional Telephone instructions for logging into a live webinar or Q&A session to listen in. Please be aware that not all live events features are accessible telephone.

International Telephone numbers for Zoom are available here –

Community Calls, Question/Answer, and Chat Room functions are not available without an internet connection using the Zoom App or Desktop Client. 

Community Calls – Click “Ask For Help”

Once inside a Breakout Room for the Community Calls, there will be a button you can press to signal one of our hosts in the main lobby. For technical support, you may need to restart your Zoom app. Be sure to take note of which Breakout Room you are in, or some of the names of your fellow participants, so that our hosts can put you back in upon your return. If you feel uncomfortable or confused, you may also signal to your host, or leave your breakout room and join the hosts in the main lobby for additional questions.

The Role of our Hosts

The primary purpose of our Hosts is to role model of the Gene Keys Approach. Hosts foster a culture of friendship and warmth, inspire self-inquiry and listen with humility and respect to the issues and questions that may arise in the group. While our Hosts will do their utmost to support the whole group journey from a place of compassion, they are not able to provide any form of therapeutic support.

About Replays, Recordings, & Chat Transcripts

Webinars and Q&A Sessions will be available for replay within 24 hours of the live broadcast. The Community Calls are not recorded, and can only be accessed live. Audio files used in the Synchronised Meditations are available inside the appropriate course under the Pathway lessons, within 24 hour of the live premiere.

Please note that Chat Room Transcripts may be available for participants to download, so please be mindful with what you share. Do not share any personal or confidential information through the Zoom Chat Room. You can “privately” chat others, which will not be included in the downloadable transcript.

There may be opportunities to share your video and audio on live Q&A sessions or group community shares. Unlike the breakout rooms in community calls, these may be recorded and available for replay to our retreat participants. You will clearly be asked if you would like to come on via video and audio for these sessions. Your image will not be used without consent.