Why is the Virtual Retreat more expensive than other courses?

Our Virtual Retreats provide new resources, and weekly live events to support your contemplative process. These include webinars, Q&A sessions, community calls, a supportive hosting team, and an online environment to share with other participants of the retreat.

In order to provide the highest quality service to all of our participants, we have raised the price to better represent the level of hard work and time that goes into putting on these large virtual retreats. Your financial contribution goes into paying our hosts, our support team, our event managers, as well as feeding back into the Gene Keys Syntropy Hub.

Compared to other courses and offerings of similar caliber, we are happy to say we are providing an amazing experience for a very affordable rate. However, if you or anyone you know is having difficulty access the teachings due to financial concerns, we always encourage people to explore our Syntropy Hub and the Scholarship programme there.

The Gene Keys will continue to grow and blossom as a generous and philanthropic organization and surrounding community. Thank you to all of those who contribute back into the Syntropy Hub. Your contributions make all of this possible.