What is the Syntropy Tier price and how does it impact scholarships?

At the heart of the Pearl Sequence is a spirit of prosperity & generosity known as Syntropy. Syntropy is one of the unifying principles of the Gene Keys and refers to the universal law whereby the total energy within a system is exponentially increased through a philanthropic mutual exchange rooted in a higher order of consciousness.

For some of our online retreats and products, we are experimenting with a different way for our global community to contribute towards the Scholarship Fund.

For example, in the 2024 Pearl Retreat, the Syntropy Tier allows people to ‘pay it forward’ and donate to the Scholarship Fund. Anyone who adds the $100 option to their purchase will automatically sponsor someone who is currently on our Scholarship Waiting List.

For every person who uses this “Syntropy Tier” ticket price, Gene Keys will triple this contribution and add $300 into the Scholarship Fund.

These additional coupons will go to support randomly chosen scholarship applicants. If instead you would like to sponsor a specific person, please use the Purchase for a Friend option to buy them a ticket directly.

Please note that, that any Syntropy Tier product purchased within 1 week of registration closing will instead be considered a contribution to the general Scholarship Fund for future applications. This is because it takes time to process the final coupons for a live retreat. Your contribution, however, will still be added into the Scholarship Fund for the next event!

At this time, there is no content difference between the Standard Ticket Price and the Syntropy Tier price. It is designed as a way to “pay it forward” and see the experiment of Syntropy alive in the interactions between business and community.