Questions for Retreat Hosts

The Gene Keys Approach involves patient and gentle inquiry in your every day life, using the teachings to inspire your contemplations. Sometimes, it may be helpful to reach out to others in the Gene Keys community for additional feedback and reflection. We have a team of Ambassador Hosts checking the retreat forums, to share helpful tips and guidance along the way.

For each virtual retreat, we have created a private Group Forum where you can ask your questions or share your insights and breakthroughs with others. You may find inspiring synchronicity or assuring reflections in reading about what others are sharing about their own journey. Though the Golden Path is a self-illuminating journey, we are all connected in this collective experience.

In any programme forum you will see a “General Questions” sticky thread at the top. Replying to this topic thread is the easiest way to ask your questions directly to your retreat hosts. If you have any technical questions or need to flag something for our immediate attention, you can also submit a ticket directly to