What if I cannot attend a live event?

It is not necessary to attend all of the live events, to still have a powerful and transformational Deep Dive experience. However, these teachings come alive when we gather together to contemplate. So please take some time to review the retreat calendar, and try to attend at least one of each type of session per month.

The monthly Webinars & “Dancing with the Transmission” Q&A Sessions will be recorded and available for replay within 24 hours of their broadcast, and you will retain access even after the retreat ends. All of the course teachings and resources are also available to watch at anytime. 

For the Community Calls, we do highly recommend everyone to attend at least one of those a month. Participants are invited and encouraged to attend more than one session, if they wish.

The calls will be where the real magic comes alive from the contemplation’s of the Gene Keys, and we hope to see you and many others join us for them. You are invited to join as many of these time slot options as you want!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these events, these can only be experienced live. If you are unable to attend any of the live time zone options, you can still share with others through the private group forum or by forming your own self-organised meet up group

Some retreats include Synchronised Meditations. If you are unable to attend live, you will still have access to the audio meditation in the online course. You can listen to the meditation any time on your own, or with other friends and family who are participating with you.

Whether you are able to attend many of these events or only a few, this retreat is designed to integrate into your daily life. Take time each day to pause, breathe, and let the wisdom of the Gene Keys come into your awareness. This is YOUR contemplative journey of self-illumination.