Do I need a special app or Social Network to participate in live events?

Our virtual retreats use Zoom video conferencing tools for the live events (Webinars, community calls and Q&A sessions with retreat hosts). To fully participate in live events you are encouraged to download the free Zoom app for your devices. Download the latest version at

Gene Keys has also been building its own type of social network using Groups, Forums, Messages, and Activity Feeds. All of these community tools will be available from inside Genekeys.comThere is no need to be on an outside social network, such as Facebook or Clubhouse, to fully participate in the retreat. 

There will not be a facebook group officially supported by Gene Keys Ltd during any virtual retreats or online programmes.

There is an official Clubhouse on Gene Keys where Richard and others may offer free drop-in audio conversations. However, these are public and will not be considered specifically apart of any virtual retreat or course. Click here to learn more about Gene Keys on Clubhouse.