Cultural Sensitivity in the Dream Arc

We have carefully selected the language we have chosen to use within the Dream Arc, deliberately avoiding words, terms and expressions that are strongly rooted in any single lineage. For example, we have tried to avoid the use of terms such as ‘totem’, which although it may have entered popular western culture, has deep internal meaning for some Indigenous peoples, and has been taken out of its original context. Sometimes this new language awareness has been painful for us, as we realise we may have been using such terms without knowing or fully honouring where they come from. We are constantly learning and refining this cultural sensitivity and we hope that as a voyager of the Dream Arc, you will come with us on this journey.

Above all, the beauty of the Dream Arc is that it is based on the creatures and animals of the natural world. All cultures have a strong tradition of animal stories, wisdom and lore, and these are a rich resource for us all. We hope that as you dive into the Dream Arc, you will learn about new cultures, creatures and their habitats and expand your circle by connecting with others around the world and listening to their viewpoints and perspectives

Generosity and Reciprocal Exchange

In the Dream, Arc, you will notice that we feature numerous teachers, artists, musicians and storytellers from all around the world. In exchange for their generosity of sharing their gifts with us all, we hope you will also visit their websites and communities and connect with them. They would love to hear from you! You may also consider supporting them in whatever way you feel called. We all are bound together in our wish to give back to the earth and to offer our compassionate help to the people and projects involved in such activity.

The living stream of Divine Wisdom lives in all creatures, and as humans we have a unique role as custodians of this wisdom, both receiving from it and adding to it. May we all honour the teachings of nature as we continue to grow, evolve and learn from her mysteries.

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