Jaguar’s Journey questions

How do I sign up for the free Jaguar’s Journey mini-course?

Click here to learn more & enroll – Jaguar’s Journey – Gene Keys

It is free to sign up. If you already have an account, just enroll and get started.

If you do not yet have an account, follow the instructions to setup your login.

Can I do the journey multiple times? How do I start the Jaguar’s Journey over to play again / fix a mistake?

You can erase your course progress and reset your animal email notifications by going to the main Jaguar’s Journey course page ( Click the purple button “Reset Course Progress” as well as the purple link that says “Reset my animal email notifications”. You must click both the button and the link to fully reset your Jaguar’s Journey course.

Can I choose several animals in each habitat?

You can only choose one animal at a time. But if you do change your mind, before leaving a particular habitat, you can visit that page again and choose a new animal.

For example, if I am in the Jungle habitat and I initially chose the Sloth, I could return to the Jungle page and decide to choose the Python at a later date. However, if I have already chosen to “mark complete” the Jungle, I will need to reset my course progress before proceeding.

I’m not receiving any emails from Jaguar’s Journey?

I don’t want to receive any more Jaguar’s Journey email notifications

  • At the bottom of every Jaguar’s Journey is a link to help you easily opt out of future notifications
  • Or alternatively, you can uncheck the Jaguar’s Journey mailing list from your subscription settings here (First, please check you are subscribed to “Jaguar’s Journey” mailing list here (Manage Email Subscriptions & Unsubscribe – Gene Keys)

Can I do this with my family or friends?

  • Yes absolutely! This mini-course is entirely free and it is highly recommend for parents who want to play with their kids or communities who want to explore together
  • You can encourage your friends and family to create their own free account so they can get customized email notifications based on their animal choices.
  • Or you can share a single device as a launching pad for your own games and creative gatherings

What are the “Free Giveaways” and “Dream Arc Weekly Draw”?

  • As a special promotion, we are giving away $50 coupons to support more people in getting the full Dream Arc Experience.
  • In each “habitat” inside the course, you can submit a photo or testimonial of your own personal experience of your time inside Jaguar’s Journey. Each valid entry will be entered to a weekly drawing
  • Once per week, a random participant will be selected and awarded a $50 coupon off the upcoming Dream Arc retreat.
  • If you complete the entire Jaguar’s Journey you will have the opportunity to enter the drawing five times.
  • If you win, you will be contacted by our Dream Arc team. Stay tuned to your inbox on Mondays!

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