Is this shamanism?

The Dream Arc touches into the innate wisdom, compassion and creativity within all living beings. Many shamanic traditions and practices share similar themes, however this course in itself is not claiming to be shamanic. Nor is it represented as a particular lineage of Indigenous wisdom.

In creating this online course and bringing together these many streams of global wisdom, we have consistently striven to be sensitive to the many beautiful traditions and lineages that the Dream Arc touches.

Our goal is to represent clearly our own cultural history, as well as the teachings and teachers that have informed us along our journey. Rather than dive specifically into certain traditions whose lineages we are not part of, we have taken a more global view and sought to find the grand themes and patterns that lie behind all traditions and lineages.

Our primary source of inspiration is derived from nature herself, and the interaction of our imagination and intuition with nature.

The Dream Arc is a framework for Synthesis, and a true Synthesis celebrates the diversity inherent in unity. The Dream Arc provides a framework for this mystery to unfold in each of our lives. In the modern world of today, our own lineages, teachers and traditions are constantly meeting those of others. We are thus privileged to be able to explore many teachings and each of us will synthesise these inside us in our own unique way. There cannot be any single grand synthesis of all the wisdom traditions of the world. Such a thing would be a horrific aberration. The beauty of a single tradition or lineage lies in its intactness. The mystery of Synthesis therefore lies in individual creativity and open-hearted dialogue within community. This is the point of the ancient traditions in the first place – to bring us together in harmony to care for each other and our environment.

As part of our commitment to the above, we have invited Wisdom Keepers from various traditions to share their stories with us within this course. In each instance, and with all our contributors, they own the rights to these interviews and have kindly given us permission to share them. We hope that many people will therefore find, explore and support the generosity of these teachers and lineages, wherever they feel a strong resonance. It is a privilege for us to thus act as a bridge between you and these various wisdom traditions.