Into the Mystic Replay Questions

Is there a replay for the live event “Into the Mystic” available for purchase?

Yes! You can purchase the replay package “Into the Mystic” here –

What is included in the “Into the Mystic” replay package?

This special replay package includes

  • Replay of the live event, edited into 5 sections (approximately 5 hours total)
  • Slides, resources and recommended contemplations from the event have been woven into the video series

The main replay page is

Unlike our other full Gene Keys courses, this package is meant to be enjoyed by simply scrolling down this one long page and watching the video series in sequence. 

The table of contents at the top, and arrows beneath each video, help the user to hop quickly from part to part. Below each video are the most important resources related to the section of the replay the user may have just watched. 

There are also “Vimeo Cards” that will pop up in the top right corner of the screen throughout the replay that can also be used to hop to various “wormhole resources” mentioned during the event. 

The only other piece to this package is the “Wormhole Resources” page

This page includes a list of all the resources mentioned in the event, linked via Vimeo Cards, or the slides shown during the presentation. Many of these resources are freely available, though some may lead to recommended products available for purchased.

All videos have English subtitles available, and audio-only versions are available for download to listen offline. The slides shown in the presentation are also available for download. 

Both the Into the Mystic primary replay page and the Wormhole Resources page can be found on your “My Purchased Courses” page under Replay Products.

Is Into the Mystic available for download?

The videos are not available for offline download. We do provide the audio only versions of the recording to download for offline listening. 

The slides & some of the free wormhole resources included are available for offline download. 

Download the audio-only versions & slides on the “Wormhole Resources” page included in your replay product –

Is this the full event? What has been edited out?

The bulk of the event is shown in the replay videos, however we did do some editing to help take out a lot of the “in between” times, or sections of the event that were only really accessible if you were there live in person. A majority of the content presented on stage has been included in this replay. 

The full day event has been edited into 5 major sections, each video which has a table of content in the vimeo player to allow users to see the various chapters in each video. 

Is this the same as the Portl livestream?

The event was originally streamed live, in its entirety on This livestream has now been edited and packaged in a more streamlined way. Everyone who purchased this livestream via now has access to the replay here instead. 

Is there any live community aspect to this product?

No, this product does not include any live components. However, you are more than welcome to gather your own group of friends and watch this together!

Can I share this with my friends, family, or community?

You are more than welcome to watch these videos with others in your local area. Our Gene Keys Guides are authorized to stream this video in online study groups they hold. 

I joined live (in person or via livestream) – how do I get my free replay? 

If you attended the event live in Boulder, Colorado or you purchased the livestream via, you are eligible for free entry into this replay product.

We have sent your free gift coupon to the email address we had on file from your original event ticket purchase.

Please first check your spam/junk folder or Promotions Tab for any emails from Gene Keys titled “Your free gift from Gene Keys”. If you find this email you can follow the instructions to redeem your coupon code for free access to this replay product. 

If you did not receive your coupon, or your email is different than the one provided during your original event ticket purchase, please fill out this form and our Support Team will review your request –