Can I download these resources and use them offline?

All of the meditations, as well as the audio-only versions of Richard, Sally, & Rosy’s videos are available for offline listening. You can use the glossary for downloading individual audio tracks, or download each module as a Archive (.zip) file. Please note that downloads may not be available directly to mobile devices. If you have a computer, you can download the audio to the computer and then transfer them onto your smartphone using the native Music app depending on your device. We do not provide third party support for this type of file transfer, but there are easy to follow guides online.

We also provide Print (PDF) resources for some of the Dream Arc images including the Life Web and the Animal Codex as both a helpful list, and 192 animal cards for you to print and cut out for your own explorations.

At this time the videos and text are not downloadable, though we are continuing to research and develop new ways to incorporate offline resources. Your purchase of the Dream Arc will give you ongoing access to any new improvements and upgrades in the years to come.

A printed deck and book is in development, for those who prefer to have the entire Codex in their hands for offline adventures. There is no estimated date yet, but we are hard at work!