Can I get a discount? Are there scholarships available?

We aim to deliver the finest quality products at very reasonable prices. However, we understand that for some people even these prices can represent a significant challenge. We therefore run a scholarship program for all our online courses.

Unlike our other programmes, there are no requisites to the scholarship application for the Dream Arc. This journey is for both seasoned voyagers of the Gene Keys, or for people completely new to the work. It is for anyone rebellious enough to embrace a different way of thinking and who senses that a vast change is coming to our planet.

If you are facing financial difficulty at this time, but you feel the Dream Arc is an important step in your transformation, we want to provide support.

Click here to learn more about our scholarship team and apply for your Dream Arc scholarship –

We are looking at more ways to support groups, families, and communities afford this amazing program and bring it out to the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas for group experiences or community education.