Where can I meet other Dream Arc voyagers?

There are several ways you can connect with other journeyers.

Once you’re inside the online course, you can connect with others in the Forum. This is a place for the global Dream Arc community to connect, co-contemplate, and share art, images, poetry, dreams and stories. https://genekeys.com/dream-arc/join-the-dream-arc-group/

Join us for our monthly LIVE Dream Pod calls. These are wonderful ways to be inspired, motivated and to get to know your fellow journeyers. We’ve got Dream Pod calls planned through April, 2023. https://genekeys.com/dream-arc-events

Consider doing the Dream Arc together with a group of friends. Sign up at the same time and gather regularly to support and inspire each other — locally or online.

Keep an eye out for future Community Events and opportunities (e.g. Clubhouse calls). We look forward to offering live events for our global community. More of these will be happening in the coming months. Click here (https://genekeys.com/dream-arc-events/) to see the Dream Arc Live Events calendar, or subscribe for Dream Arc email notifications.