How long will this course take? Is there a time-limit?

The Dream Arc can be done at your own pace over a few weeks, months, or even years. Once you purchase the Dream Arc course, you will have ongoing access to the resources inside. There is no time limit to complete the course, so you can take as long as you want to explore.

There is no specific amount of time you have to give to this program. This course can be integrated into even the busiest of lives. You may want to start with one hour per week, giving yourself plenty of freedom to come in and out of the material. You may be inspired to dive in deeply, or let the material percolate in the background of your life. There is no wrong way to explore the Dream Arc! Trust in your intuition, and keep your eyes open for the signs and synchronicities nature is here to show you.

At the beginning, it is recommended to watch the introductory modules to get a sense of the material and how to navigate the course. Once you begin the 12 quests, you will find your own rhythm. You may only watch a few videos each month, but the messages will start to enter into your everyday life or at night in your dreams.

You can pick up and put down this course at any time. The Dream Arc is always here for you when you feel inspired to explore. And if you feel stuck, confused, or need a break, you will find helpful portal creatures inside ready to guide you.

SM – If you’re someone that enjoys structure and is goal orientated then begin with giving yourself at least a month per category, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.