How do I use the new online courses?

Helpful pointers for navigating the Online Course

  • Follow the sequential steps of the Venus Sequence course
  • Read, Watch, Listen and Review the resources within each Step
  • When you feel complete with a particular section, simply click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of each page to mark your overall course progress.
  • To navigate through each step, you can click the “next” arrow at the top of each page, or use the collapsable side menu to navigate lessons and topics.
  • You can review any previous step, or continue your progress from the last topic you were contemplating at anytime.
  • Open the table of contents box for quick access to topics in each text-based module.
  • When available, there will be additional links for downloading audio and transcript versions of the course material for those who prefer offline study.
  • You can enable Dark Mode or Focus Mode by using the icons in the top right hand menu.
    • Dark Mode gives a darker background aesthetic for those who prefer this for online reading.
    • Focus mode minimizes the side menu to help you only focus on the material you are watching or reading. For those reading on Mobile, Focus Mode will be automatically enabled. Click the icon in the top right to expand the course navigation menu
  • Click the floating Notes Icon in the bottom right to create a new entry in your own private contemplation notebook.
    • You can access all of your Notes via your Profile Drop Down Menu –> My Notes.
    • We have created an additional FAQ for those having trouble using Notes on mobile
  • For technical issues or problems with your account, please contact Support.