Is this therapy?

Nope! While the Dream Arc is a profound set of teachings and experiences, it is not therapy. Please take time to reach out to professional therapeutic resources in your area if you feel you need this level of support in your life.

The artistic and contemplative practices in the Dream Arc can provide amazing insights, and you can find a supportive community of fellow voyagers waiting to share their stories and breakthroughs with you inside the private forums.

In this course, we follow the Dream Arc approach, through these four qualities.


We are here to learn, stretch, evolve and be surprised.


We are serious about bringing our inner child’s heart to all that we do.


We approach each other and the world with ever-expanding kindness.


We surrender to the wild, living wisdom of life, safe in the knowing that we are always held in the lap of love.

As with all of our courses, this programme is a personal journey of self-exploration. does not provide any type of psychological, therapeutic support or other professional advice. You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing, choices and actions.