Do I have to be an artist?

Well first off…. everyone is an artist whether they know it or not!

But do you have to be skilled in painting or drawing or feel that you are a creator in this way? No, not at all! Your “art” might be your garden, or the way you play with your kids, or just taking time to contemplate in nature.

That being said, there are opportunities throughout the Dream Arc to “make stuff”. This course is filled with amazing invitations that might challenge you to create something out of your comfort zone. Like other practices of intermodal expressive arts, the art making experience invited in this course is about the JOURNEY, not the art piece itself.

And if you ever feel uncomfortable or frustrated with any invitation to make some art, just take a deep breath, and pause. You can always try again later if you feel called, or just move on! There are so many rich and diverse types of invitations, you won’t be missing out. Let the magic of the Dream Arc draw you deeper into trusting your own intuition. The results may surprise you!