Seven Days of Grace – Email Notifications

The free course Seven Days of Grace includes an optional feature to enable email notifications for each of the seven days. Below are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting support for these email notifications. Click here to learn more about the Seven Days of Grace course.

About the Seven Days of Grace Emails

  • Upon enabling email notifications you will get send a “Double Opt in” email. Confirm your email address to be gin the Seven Days of Grace email sequence
  • Once you have “opted in” you will receive a total of 7 sequential emails, one delivered each day. There will be a follow up email with an invitation from Richard, sent out after you complete the course.
  • These emails serve as reminders to bring you back inside the Seven Days of Grace online course. We all get busy, and its easy to forget! But the art of contemplation is a gentle way to bring your attention back to the themes of Grace.
  • You will not receive any other promotional emails unless you have also purchased a product, joined our Pulse Newsletter, or are currently participating in a virtual retreat.
  • You can unsubscribe or manage your subscription preferences at any time
  • You can restart this email sequence if you want to pick a different date/time for your Seven Days of Grace reminders, or to do another round of contemplation.

Enabling Email Notifications

Fill out the form below to enable your Seven Days of Grace notifications. This form is also found inside the Begin your Journey module. You should receive the first email “Day 1 – Invoking Grace” within a few minutes.

You must be logged in to submit the form.

Not Receiving Emails?

Want to Restart the Seven Days of Grace emails?

As soon as you enter the form, you will receive your first email “Day 1 – Invoking Grace”. 24 hours later, you will receive the second email. Perhaps you want to start on a different day or time? Or maybe you finished your first seven days and want to do the course again? Either way, you may restart your Seven Days of Grace email sequence at any time.

Simply use the “Enable Email Notifications” form above, or via the Begin your Journey module.

Each time you enter your email into the form, it will STOP all previously scheduled Grace emails, and RESTART your username inside the seven-day sequence.

Stop Incoming Emails

You can manage your email subscriptions at any time during this seven-day email sequence, or unsubscribe from all future emails, using the links provided at the bottom of each email.

Manage Email Subscriptions

Using this option you can select which mailing list you would like to receive email notifications for. This is a great way to limit which emails you are receiving, but without blocking all incoming emails from

Stop Seven Days of Grace emails

  • Click “Manage Email Subscriptions” at the bottom of your email
  • Deselect the Seven Days of Grace list from your preferred Mailing List Groups.
  • Click Update Profile

This will stop incoming emails from Seven Days of Grace specifically. To restart these emails at a later time, follow the instructions above for “enabling email notifications”.

Unsubscribe from all emails

Using this option will disable ALL emails from This includes product updates, virtual retreat notifications, and additional mailing lists such as Guides or Dream Arc.

Please note that until August 2022, the “Pulse” newsletter is being sent from a secondary mailing service. This means you will need to click unsubscribe from any Pulse newsletter separately.

Our support team is happy to help you unsubscribe if you are having any difficulties.