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What is a Gene Keys Guide?

A Gene Keys Guide is a role model of the contemplative way. With a lucid mind, open heart and embodied presence, the Guide is a beacon of light during uncertain times. Though the Gene Keys wisdom is a self-illuminating voyage, these teachings come to life when sharing with other like-minded, kind-hearted beings. Here is a collection of beings who have committed to these contemplative teachings in their own life and seek to share in that journey with others.  

A Gene Keys Guide is a student with an intimate knowledge of the Gene Keys who shares, leads, guides, nurtures and directs others on a journey of self-awareness in full, or as a part of the services they offer. Guides are committed to modeling the Gene Keys Approach of “Contemplation, Inquiry, Gentleness and Patience”, as well as agreeing to the responsibilities of the Gene Keys Guides Agreement

All of the Guides listed in this directory have completed a minimum of nine months of contemplation with the Gene Keys teachings, including the Guides Programme. At the end of the programme, each Guide signs a license agreement with Gene Keys Publishing Ltd. to honour the source of these teachings by Richard Rudd, while taking responsibility for their own sessions, services, events, and offerings. 

Gene Keys Guides come from a variety of different backgrounds, interests and locations from all over the world. Some Guides offer sessions and profile readings, live events, or study groups. Others may simply be friendly faces you may meet along the way inside our global Gene Keys community. Below is a directory featuring many of our amazing Guides to help connect both newcomers and long-time voyagers find support & inspiration from their fellow travelers. 

Becoming a Gene Keys Guide

To become a Guide and be listed on this directory, each person must fulfill the following

  • A minimum of six months contemplating the Gene Keys teachings, specifically the Activation & Venus Sequence
  • A minimum of three months contemplating the Guides Programme, a self-study course that demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment.
  • Deeply contemplate and fully participate in any course before sharing it with their own offerings or events
  • Understand and agree to the branding guidelines and Guides License Agreement with Gene Keys Publishing Ltd. to honor the source teachings by Richard Rudd
  • Agree to model the principles of the Gene Keys Approach and the Noble Code in their work

Is this a certification or training?

No, the Guides Programme is not a certification or training. Unlike other systems, Gene Keys does not train teachers, analysts, or facilitators. The Guides Programme focuses on sharing the teachings in a contemplative away, in alignment with the Gene Keys approach, with an emphasis on embodiment. 

At the end of the Guides Programme, all Guides do receive a Certificate of Contemplation, honoring their completion of the self-study course and celebrating the commitment they have made to signing the Guides Agreement. 

Personal Readings / Sessions

While the Gene Keys teachings are a self-illuminating voyage, many people find it beneficial to work directly with someone who is more familiar with the Hologenetic Profile and can offer support and guidance along the way. 

Here in the Guides Directory you can find a plethora of incredible people, of different backgrounds and interests from all over the world, all of whom have been exploring the Gene Keys teachings deeply in their own life. 

You can peruse the gallery or search the index below to see if you find someone you resonate with. There is also a tag specifically for Online Sessions. So that you can see all of the Guides that specifically offer these type of one-on-one sessions or ‘readings’.

Alternatively, you can find people in your local area by selecting the Map. Or look for people who speak your language by using the Index > Language tags. 

Please note that every Guide will provide a different experience. Gene Keys is not a “one size fits all” teaching. It is a contemplative teaching that only comes alive when each individual takes the time to pause, listen inwardly, and explore the wisdom within themselves. Gene Keys Guides are people who have dedicated time to walk this path of contemplation and can be of support and inspiration for others along the way. You will find different Guides offer different types of services, at different price ranges, and for different lengths of time. 

Try reaching out to any of the Guides who you resonate with, whether by looking at their photo, reading their bio, or by recommendation from a friend. You can message the Guides using the tools for communication, or you can visit the links and preferred method of contact listed on each Guide’s entry page. 

You can always return to courses to reflect on these teachings in your own introspective process. The self-study courses are a great resource for many. But if you feel called to discover your genius with the gentle and compassionate reflection of another person, you may find the Gene Keys Guides Directory a great opportunity!

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Guides Entries

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Gene Keys Ambassadors

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. 

In 2017-2018 a group of dedicated Gene Keys voyagers embarked on a 9-month initiation journey into the teachings alongside Richard Rudd & Tanmayo. This is our first and only Ambassador Circle to date, and we honor our Gene Keys Ambassadors with a special dragonfly symbol, signifying their deep commitment to this transmission of living wisdom. 

Click here to view the entire Ambassador Circle list from 2018.

Guides and the Gene Keys Approach

A Gene Keys Guide is a student with an intimate knowledge of the Gene Keys who shares, leads, guides, nurtures and directs others on a journey of self-awareness in full, or as a part of the services they offer. Guides are committed to modeling the Gene Keys Approach of “Contemplation”, “Inquiry”, “Gentleness” and “Patience”, as well as agreeing to the responsibilities of the Gene Keys Guides Agreement

All of the Guides listed on this directory have completed a minimum of nine months of contemplation with the Gene Keys teachings, including the Guides Programme. At the end of the programme, each Guide signs a license agreement with Gene Keys Publishing Ltd. to honour the source of these teachings by Richard Rudd, while taking responsibility for their own sessions, services, events, and offerings. 



The Gene Keys Teachings are a personal journey of self-exploration that should not be entered into lightly. Your participation in any Gene Keys course or programme is your acceptance that we do not provide any type of psychological, therapeutic support or other professional advice. Though some of our Gene Keys Guides may have additional professional backgrounds or certifications, these are outside of the scope of the Gene Keys teachings. 

Gene Keys Ltd. cannot guarantee or offer warranty on any external website, service, or offering outside of You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing, choices and actions. 

View Gene Keys Terms & Conditions


The Noble Code

An Ethical Agreement for all those working with the Gene Keys

The purpose of this document is to outline a simple set of values, rooted in the highest principles of the Gene Keys, to act as guidelines for all members of our extended Gene Keys community. We are each invited to follow and embody these guidelines to the very best of our ability, both in our private and our professional life. Thus we aim to work together towards greater self-honesty, forgiveness and care, fostering a unified spirit of reverence for all beings and their various stages of transformation.

Click here to view the Noble Code.

The Guides Directory



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  • Select Category
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  • Creative Projects
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  • Study Groups

Zoya Lu

GK, Embodiment & Womb Awakening Integration

Nid Ra

Live Your Soul’s Dream Life

Gavin Sher

GK Profile Sessions, Coaching, Re-Weaving Life-Stories

Katie Marie Christina Fields

Devoted to the revealing of divinity in matter

Mark Bentley

GK Profile Sessions, Virtual Retreats & Podcasts

Jennifer Robinson

Delta Programme Enthusiast

Karin Amberger

GK, Coaching, Retreats, Music, I Ging & Qigong

Elitsa Stoichkova

Gene Keys Ambassador and Transformation Guide, GK sessions

Julia Thie

Profile Explorations & Divine Words Embodied Hypnosis

Carolin Kamenz

Workshops & Sessions, Gene Keys auf Deutsch Community

Chrissy Papetti

GK Resources & Coaching for Nervous System Optimization

Deborah LeeAnn Morley

Leading, Loving and Living with Truth, Love and Light

Alex Lee Schwartz

Podcast Host, Mystical Inquirer, Business Development

Tangul Hincal

Inspirational podcasts; business; coaching

Nina Gallwey

GK private sessions and support circles for parents

Claudia Ahl

Gk Profile sessions, constellation work

Jorge (JorAlf) Gauna

I accompany you on your golden path

Alena Vaitsiashonak

GK Profile sessions, embodiment & inspiring podcasts

Ulrike Ahaus

GK Profile sessions, conscious parenting, Emotion Coach

Kathy Zodiaco

Moving Meditations, Intimacy

Gail Holwell

Intuitive Guide, Cosmic Alchemist, Artist & more

Amrit Sandhu

Inspirational Podcaster, Speaker & Coach

Elijah Parker

Holographic Consulting – Golden Path Sessions & Retreat

Anna Hausser

HD & GK profile sessions, creative projects, dance

Nicole Hate

Be Bold, Be Brave, Become

Peri Soylu

Spiritual guidance: GK Profile & Golden Path

Christina Young

Freedom Within Enthusiast & Guide

Kamila Shakirova

GK Profile sessions & coaching

Angela Löffelman

Liberation Coach
Know yourself – Feel yourself – Be yourself

Simone Mäkelä

GK profile sessions. Podcast Herzbotschaften, Coaching

Judy Jewett

Getting to the heart of the matter

Gabriella Takacs

GK Profile sessions, Human Design, Gestalt & Coaching

Pasquale Florio

Dream Arc Enthusiast and Inspirational Movies Scenes

Farah Samanani

GK Coaching Sessions, Group Facilitation of Retreats

Connie Greisz

GK Profile Sessions, Empowerment, and Inspiration

Wanda Davis

Inspired Coach, Energy Worker and Author

Katherine Welter

GK Golden Path / 7 Sacred Seals Groups & private Guide

Michael Peterson

Shamanism, Mythic Transformation, & Cultivating Beauty

Elena Sinelschikova

GK Profile sessions, private retreats, creative projects

Akushi Angel

Inspirational GK Profiles, podcasts, retreats, & dance

Nona Jordan

Exploring the GK through the magic of the Dream Arc

Carmen Hey

Creative Guide. Inspiration & creativity at heart

Matjaž Trček

Individual and group sessions, local, online

Natha Robertson

Interfaith Golden Path guide – pick your own vernacular

Sarah Shepherd

Guide for Guides, Business and Health Expert

Klara Prosova

Moving you to the path you wanted to walk but hesitated

Maya Oppenländer

Alchemy of Communication: couples, families = unfolding

Carolina Albano

Engineering alchemy and reinvention, by diving deep

Kim Farber

GK Profile Sessions, Group & Private Journeys, Healing

Zogra Cox

Myth, Magic, Healing and Expanded Consciousness

Christine Kiliam

Individual sessions, inner development, Master Coach

Meagan Maris

Gene Key Profile Sessions and Group Journeys

Jessica K. Rascovich

Galactic Astrologer, Starseed activator, tarot, mandala

Lorna Munro

Whirlwind Champion For Change Agent

Stefan Jomphe

Creating space to explore and nurture our nature.

Margit Gross

GK profile/group sessions, Dream Arc, Contemplation

Krystle Mishra

GK Readings & Integration, Liberated Spiritual Guidance

Maria Marcu

Transform Trauma, Unlock Potential: GK, EFT, HeartMath

Elina Pavlidis

GK Profile sessions, Venus Sequence deep dive& retreats

Shantamo Kamstra

GK Profile Sessions, Guide for Golden Path and Deltas

Katharina Walter

GK & Human Design Guidance, Bee.Thrive-Community, Music

Jacqueline Sa

GK support for China’s eco-spiritual engagements

Amit Lerner

GK Profile sessions, private retreats

Jesse Chesnutt

iChing, Sacred Geometry, Myth & Magic

Nancie Leon

Mentoring New Perspectives Through Realization

José (Yo-Say) Gaakeer

Artist of Life – Love is always the answer

Jonathan Heintze

Embodying and Embracing our Humanity with the Gene Keys

Malabika Shaw

Levels, layers and depths of living wisdom

Irma Kaiser

GK Profile sessions, Dance, Myth, & the I’Ching

Pamela Martin

GK Group Healing Conversations, yoga & private retreats

Anne Round

Inspirational Healing Guide, Author and Contemplative

Sophie Mahoney

Somatic Language Master – Gene Keys & Venus sessions

Thuy Melissa Dao

Gene Keys Profile Sessions – be who you already are

Margaret Miller

GK sessions, GK Workshops, Personal Symbology, Coaching

Kelly Mather

Leader, Wellness Teacher, Author and Leadership Coach

Nicola Hoffman

GK Deep Dive Study Groups, Private Sessions, Coaching

Shane Fike

Movement & Stillness Practitioner

Joanne Ellis

GK’s Profiling, Gentle Trauma Release Guide, Ambassador

Peiming Sun

GK/I-Ching Guidance for Authenticity, Clarity & Joy

Katja Schwahn

Gene Key profile sessions, awareness, embodiment, pausing

Alison Dhuanna McCabe

Group GK sessions, GK Mudra sessions, Poet, Priestess

Valerie Luna Serrels

Awakening to the wild wisdom within

Antoneta Komarica

Dream Arc Enthusiast, GK profile, Golden path

Ingeborg Daphne Timmerman

GK profile sessions, private retreats, healing

Inna Method

Exploring GK through movement, music and art.

Nynke Catharina Rinzema

GK profile and Golden Path guidance, Soul Touching

Mieke de Vreede

GK Profile & Golden Path Guidance for changemakers

Enikoe Schwarte

GK Profile Sessions, Gene Keys auf Deutsch FB-Gruppe

Andrea Walker

Business Clarity Guide for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Anne Marie de Haan

Jewellery, creative writing inspired by the dream arc

Shae Fairleigh

GK Private Profile Sessions, and private retreats.

Allison Adams

GK Reader, Creativity Cheerleader, Inner Child Coach

Lelde Graumane

Business, Creativity & the Moon

Tatjana Cichon

Compassionate leader, Transformative voice, Depth & Joy

Ashley Eve

BRAND Strategist for Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneurs

Tamara Bucalo

Private and Group Sessions combining Gene Keys & Tarot

Sarah Chogsom

Your First Mongolian Gene Keys Guide & Language Weaver

Oana Martins

Profile Sessions, Guide for Golden Path, Genius Business Mentor

Desislava Todorova

GK & Wu Ji Gong sessions-searching for harmony within

Jeanne Lofgren

Creative Initiative & Contemplative Storyteller

Risha A. Vashista

Gene Keys Guidance & Mentorship

Lori Andrews

Foundational embodiment for the mind, body and soul

Nicole House

GK/HD/Astrology Sessions, IFS, & Relationship Coaching

Eva Toes

Life Explorer, Coach, Astrologer & Gene Keys Enthusiast

Tal Meron

Personal & Group Guidance and Sessions

Anna Odintsova

Gene Keys and Dream Arc Guide, Deep Imagery Guide

Stefania Vecchia

GK SQ sessions, art & contemplation retrait and journey

Chris Abbey

Within a container of love, exploring the depths

Babula M. C. Interdonato

Poetic, inspiring GK sessions, Golden Path & beyond

Laura Scaglione

GK Profile sessions, Dream Arc Enthusiast, coaching

Tom LaBonty (Spiraling Fox)

#Tribe55, Dream Arc, Racial Bridge, Men work, Lines

Britt Tove Klevmo

Consciousness – Being – Creating movement on the inside

Kristine Beeckman

Gene Keys Sessions to prosper and expand light & love

Erna Zuidhoek

GK readings, workshops, group & private sessions

Ron E Armstrong

Inspirational Guide and Intuitive Channel

Carina Torner-Wriebe

exchange|translations|spread the teachings|sessions

Jisuk Lee

Meditation master, artist & coaching

Carmen Schüle

GK Profile sessions, private retreats, Coaching, Parent

Karen Rémy

Dance, Embodiment, Inner Child & Past Life Regression

Andrea Gomez

Creative Mentor. Artist. GK’s Profile sessions. Podcast

Maria Teresa Frezet

GK Profile sessions, private retreats, creative projects

Roxanne Starnik

Artist, Contemplator, GK Profile sessions

Janani Herbst

GK profile sessions, issues on a path of transformation

Lisa Romanovitch McManus

GK Sessions~ Coaching~ Reiki~ Somatic Bodywork~ Workshops

Ankhara Rose

GK for Soulpreneurs + Creator of “Songs of the Siddhis”

Jacqueline Hulleman

Confidence & Visibility Coaching

Monifa Harris

GK Profile sessions for somatic integration, visibility

Jasmin Schoch

Ambassador, Contemplation Facilitator, Profile Sessions

Daniel Holeman

Visionary Artist and Gene Keys Ambassador

Mireille Lévesque

GK sessions, self-consciousness, Quantum physics

Claudio Manca

GK Profile sessions, private retreats, Youtube Videos

Pascale Schroenn

GK Profile Sessions, Retreats, Sacred Circle Groups

Crystal Ye

Cosmic Alchemist, Healer, GK/HD/Astrology Integration

Alaya DeNoyelles

AcuPresence & the Gene Keys

Costa Symeonidis

Gene Keys Readings and Private Retreats

Maria Hoffman

Intuitive Gentleness, Archetype shadow-work with NVC

Hristina Hasamova

Art of Contemplation, private retreats, shamanism

Erika Boltvinik

GK & HD sessions, Alchemical Renewal, Heart Pilgrimage

Hayley Curtis

Women’s Transformational Guide

Lois Duncan

Individual/Couple/Family sessions & retreats

Diya Welland

Certified HD Analyst, Embodied Design, Codons & GKs

Inger AM Holyheart

Intuitive Messenger, Artist and Contemplator

Kenlyn Kolleen

GK Transmissions Posted Sundays on YouTube

Anne Scharlow

Conscious Animal-Human Connections

Elaine Williams

Your KEYS to Fitness & Healing

BJ Garcia

GK Profile sessions, small group meetings and retreats

Paula Hein

Candid, Kind, Integrative, Devoted Guide

Nadine Rajeh

Guiding Teens & Young Adults along the GK Golden Path

Emily Rakhit

Profile Sessions, Tantra, Somatic Coach, Relationships

Bettina Hofstaetter

GK profile session, group session: courses & exchange

Brandy Jordan

I empower uniquness

Kula Sanayha

I help others see life through new perspective lenses

Tammy Ward Marks

Illumination, Acceleration & Ritual

April Novoa

GK Private Sessions, Group Studies & Coaching

Carrie Jolie Dale

Spiritual Entrepreneur & Manifesting Coach, Gene Keys & Human Design Guide

Roswitha Fürst

Intuitive, fast and to the point – Vocation-Guide

Wil Christe

Sacred Geometry and Golden Path Deep Dives

Korynn Elliott

The Nature of…Everything. Travel, Art & Resonance

Ilona Hassan

GK Profile Guide, Insightful Coach, Tarot Scholar

Anne-Zoë Callens

Soul seer, Mindful, Parent & contemplator

Alexander Rech

GK Profile sessions, private retreats, coaching

Tanmayo Lawson

Venus Oracle & International Speaker

Cynthia Hegarty

GK golden path, Dream Arc, Love language for couples

Sumithra Tarasov

Coaching, private sessions, GK profile readings

Arzu Zen Cengiz

Dream Arc Enthusiast, Coaching, GK Profile sessions

Aurora Anurca Farber

GK Sessions, Moon Magic, Intuitive Guide and Priestess

Chad Welch

GK Profile sessions, immersions, business coaching

Christina Longley

Intuitive Healing, Emotional Wisdom, & Relationships

Yunbei Li

Energy therapist, Embodiment Coach, Dancer, Artist

Robert Kittridge

Searcher of truth in the shadows of fear

Laura Price

Gene Key Profile sessions and Activating Courses

Yvonne Kraeher

Joyful Creativity, Soul Pages Art, Ancestral Healing

Rebecca Paris

GK Profile sessions, Artist, Spiritual Guide & Blogger

Mihai Constantinescu

Gene Keys Profile Sessions and Coaching

Dima Bosko

Embodiment of the Gene Keys via Somatic Awareness

Daisy De Boevere

Gene Keys & Human Design integration & embodiment

Marga Eleonora Scroppo

Let me inspire you to be yourself… GK, HD

Lasciati ispirare a essere te stesso

Kim Guillory

Sessions, Retreats, Group events, Coach, Mentor

Alana Heim

Cosmic Prosperity Activator, HD + GK Guide

Awi Heidelmann

CreativeExplorer & GoldenThread Weaver w/ Brand Design

Joy Johnson

GK Profile Sessions with an energy healing mystic

Stefanie Joseph

Life & Business Coach-Combining Gene Keys and Somatics

Asya Silva

Gene Keys-Meditations-Guidance-Human Design

Anita Stieben

GK and HD sessions, parent and educator

Pia Mark

Compassionate Gene Keys Guidance and parenting support

Howard Hunt

Life stage transitions for professionals and creatives

Sarah Rose Bright

GK profile sessions, Venus Sequence, Intimacy & Sex

Taye Bela Corby

Super charged Self-care in Intimate Relationships

Tatiana Amaral

GK Profile sessions (Portuguese only)

Olga Gainullina

Visionary and Contemplator

Bige Gursoy

GK Profile sessions, Path to Love, How to Enjoy Life?

Maud Litjens

GK profile sessions, combined with HD

Brenda Lee Mattausch

GK, Private mentoring, Pattern & Reflection techniques

Shannon Plummer

Gene Key sessions and Transformational Guide

Stefanie Vandierendonck

GK Profile sessions, group retreats and coaching

Mallory Riess

Spiritual Living, Yoga, and Meditation

Sarani Anisoara Cismasu

GK Profile sessions and private retreats

Louise Petersen

Purpose, Viriditas, Courses & Sessions, Archetypes

Victoria Fenton

Medicine Wizard, Educator, Podcast Host & Coach

Epiphanio Alexander

Spiritual Engineer — Gene Keys Coaching & Podcast

Jackie Hardt

GK Profile sessions and creative solutions

Ariyah Sage

Gene Keys and Acuportals Seven Sacred Seals. Retreats.

Annette Gerlach

The Golden Keys German Speaking Voyager

Claudia Anghel

Personal&Group Guidance: GK Sessions, Classes, Retreats

Natasha Storey

Delta Dancer, Committed to Community’

Joost Van Bilsen

GK Profile sessions, Spheres in Motion

Jana Ritter

Life lover, GK Profile sessions & Human Design Training

Dominik Porsche

Compassionate Guide, GK Devotion, Harmony & Presence

Florence Dussaussay

A GK Guide rooted in deep service to the whole

Alexsys Thompson

Creating safe places for souls to show up

Kristi Stangeland

Private Retreats, GK Guided Sessions, Meditation

Maureen Momo Freehill

Catalyst of Embodied Self Illumination + Arts in Nature

Leonore Chambres

Gene Keys Profile sessions & Group contemplations

Liv Wickedly

Creating heaven on Earth, one loving act at a time

Oskar Urbanski

GK ‘Guide By Your Side’ Individuals & Organizations

Trae Ashlie-Garen

Advisor and Mentor for Thriving through Transition

Jiuyu Xiao

Artist, Inner Radiance, Meditation and Tea

Ann-Kristin Krüger

GK Profile Sessions, Akashic Records, Astrology, Reiki

Suzann Larsen

Embrace life’s changes through innovative realism.

Eve Hansra

Art Intuitive, Activation and Venus Sequence Enthusiast

Jessica Warren

Parent, Polymath, and Contemplator

David Wodtke

Dream Arc, Golden Path, Relationships, Earth Service